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gennaio 10, 2010

Questo è un video che ho trovato in rete su Bucarest, più precisamente su Lipscani, che è la zona centrale a 10 minuti da qui. Non so quando sia stato fatto però immagino sia abbastanza vecchio. Nel senso che adesso le strade stanno messe peggio di come sono nel video. La ristrutturazione e l’ingresso nell’unione europea possono avere di questi effetti? Sdubbiato.

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  1. Alinana
    marzo 7, 2010 alle 10:04 am

    From what i have seen in this video and on YT, it has been made last year, during autumn, but the area of Lipscani, Smardan and Franceza look now very similar to what this guy is presenting, somehow even much better, and they turn to life during night time. Wait and see during summer time – lots of cafes and people during evening – the place to have a drink after a workday.

  2. marzo 8, 2010 alle 10:11 pm

    Thanks for the info about the video. I didnt really look into when it was recorded. About the current condition of Lipscani, I can say that I do like that area and it is one of the best places to go out at night here in Bucharest. However, I do believe that the condition of streets and buildings is sometimes worse that as it is presented in the video (it s a commercial one). This doesnt mean that i dont like it, its condition is just a matter of fact and I am sorry I cant see any improvement going on. It goes without saying that it would look much nicer once renovated. It is not the case now and I do like it the way it is: decadent and fascinating.

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